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Interim Senior Vice President and Provost

Melody J. Tankersley, Ph.D.

Melody Tankersley, Ph.D.

Interim Senior Vice President and Provost
Division of Academic Affairs


  • B.S., Winthrop University
  • M.Ed., Winthrop University
  • Ph.D., University of Virginia


Interim Provost Tankersley leads the largest of Kent State’s six divisions and is responsible for the administration, faculty and staff within the university’s 10 colleges and seven Regional Campuses. She provides leadership in the areas of curriculum, academic personnel and faculty affairs, research, experiential education and civic engagement, student success and global education. As a member of the President’s Cabinet, she assists in the development and administration of university policies and strategic goals.


  • Vice President for Kent State System Integration and Interim Dean of the College of Applied and Technical Studies (formerly Regional College), Nathan Ritchey
  • Interim Senior Associate Provost, Mandy Munro-Stasiuk
  • Associate Provost, Faculty Affairs, Sue Averill
  • Associate Provost, Global Education, Marcello Fantoni
  • Interim Associate Provost, Manfred Van Dulmen
  • Associate Vice President, Academic Budget and Resource Management, Jennifer Piatt
  • Interim Associate Vice President, Continuing and Distance Education, Valerie Kelly
  • Project Director, Academic Affairs, Jennifer (Butto) Hebebrand
  • Assistant to the Provost, TBD
  • Dean, College of Aeronautics and Engineering, Christina Bloebaum
  • Dean, College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Mark Mistur
  • Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, James Blank
  • Dean, College of the Arts, John Crawford-Spinelli
  • Dean, College of Business Administration, Deborah Spake
  • Dean, College of Communication and Information, Amy Reynolds
  • Dean, College of Education, Health and Human Services, James Hannon
  • Dean, College of Podiatric Medicine, Allan Boike
  • Dean, College of Public Health, Sonia Alemagno
  • Dean, College of Nursing, Barbara Broome
  • Dean, University College, Eboni Pringle
  • Dean, University Libraries, Kenneth Burhanna
  • Interim Dean, Graduate Studies, Cynthia Stillings


mtankers@kent.edu, 330-672-8613