Vice President for Human Resources


Tiffany Murray, J.D.Tiffany Murray

Interim Vice President for Human Resources


  • B.A., Kent State University
  • J.D., Western Michigan University

Job Description

Interim Vice President Murray is responsible for leadership of the Division of Human Resources, including oversight and long- and short-term goal development for Training and Development, Compensation, Talent Acquisition, Employee Relations, Labor Relations, Affirmative Action, Records and Benefits. This position is also responsible for all aspects of staffing, including sourcing and selection with the overall intent of diversified recruitment initiatives and the retention of employees. Interim Vice President Murray oversees the 30-person division of which the following individuals report to her directly.

Direct Reports

  • Executive Director, Employee Benefits, Wellness and Health Promotions, Kimberly Hauge
  • Executive Director, Compensation, Talent Acquisition and HR Records, Donna Sansonetti
  • Assistant to the Executive Officer, Elizabeth Lee
  • Director, Employee and Labor Relations, Karen Watson
  • Director, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, Pamela Fitzgerald

Contact, 330-672-2100

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