LEADtogether FAQ

How much gaming experience do I need to participate?

  • You do not need any gaming experience to participate in LEADtogether.  We will teach you how to use the virtual interface and provide extra practice sessions for those who request it.  Learning the virtual interface with your teammates is part of the leadership development process.  

Of those who complete the program, what percentage of LEADtogether students are not gamers? Note: Przybylski (2014) defines gamers as individuals who play video games for 22 or more hours per week.

  • 86% of the students who completed the program in Fall of 2016 were not gamers.  

Will I need to purchase a headset and speaker to communicate during sessions?

  • No, we do not communicate through voice chat of any kind during the sessions.  Communication only happens through text input to maintain anonymity during the program.  

What is the slowest speed I can run this virtual platform on?

  • This virtual interface is capable of running on speeds as low as dial up (56kbit/s) internet speeds.  If your internet speed is slow, installing the game and initial updates may take longer but is still possible.