Considerations for Promotion to Professor

A pattern of active leadership to the Program, School, College, and/or University through ad hoc and/or standing committee membership is required. For promotion to full professor, the candidate is expected to demonstrate high levels of professional service through committee membership at the School, College, and/or University levels, as well as other opportunities, including but not limited to, coordination of the program, directing dissertations, and serving as a graduate Faculty representative. Candidates for promotion will have been involved in the life of their Program, School, College, and/or University. A description of the nature and quantity of the candidate’s service is required and must be articulated within the contextual statement using factors as those identified in this Handbook. Responsiveness to the needs of the Program and to the needs of students must be demonstrated, as well as evidence of how service is related to the goals of the Program, School, College, and/or University.