Counselor Education and Supervision

The unique aspects of quality scholarship among the Counselor Education and Supervision Faculty include:

  • Collaboration with colleagues and/or students is highly valued in areas such as publication in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, books, and professional presentations.
  • Sole authorship in journals is not required. However, first authorship is required for tenure and promotion to the rank of Associate Professor.
  • Articles published in peer-reviewed journals sponsored by the American Counseling Association or other counseling related journals are highly valued. Publishing only books or book chapters is not sufficient for tenure or promotion to Associate Professor.
  • Publications in journals that conduct a blind or masked peer-review process are valued.
  • Peer-reviewed journals with a wide circulation and/or those peer-reviewed journals indexed in major and reputable bibliographic databases (e.g., PsycINFO, PubMed, ERIC) are preferred.
  • Evidence of quality scholarship may also include comments on any of the following: why a journal is appropriate for an article’s content, whether a manuscript was peer-reviewed, including an explanation if not peer-reviewed (e.g., invited manuscript) a journal’s acceptance rates, impact factors, how it is that the journal is associated with a candidate’s area of research or professional practice, or a journal’s circulation.