Criteria | Lifespan Development & Educational Sciences Faculty Handbook | Kent State University


FEA evaluation is based on criteria similar to those used for reappointment, promotion, and tenure review outlined in this Handbook. To be considered for FEA review, publications, presentations, and other scholarly products must be completed, and grants and awards must be received during the review period. Materials will not be considered for more than one excellence award period (i.e., articles in press in one FEA cycle may not be counted as published articles in a subsequent FEA review).

Faculty members submitting materials for an FEA should consider their work to consistently exceed expectations of what is typically expected of a Faculty member, as outlined in this Handbook. Therefore, Faculty members should not submit their materials for an FEA if they perceive their work as meeting basic expectations.

Within the School, the percentage of funds available to the School for FEA awards will be designated in the following manner:

  • 35% of the award pool will be distributed across Research;
  • 35% of the award pool will be distributed across Teaching; and
  • 30% of the award pool will be distributed across Service.