Evaluating Performance of Full-Time NTT Faculty Assigned Administrative Duties

Performance expectations for Full-Time NTT Faculty with administrative duties will be specified by the School Director in consultation with the FAC and with the concurrence of the Dean. Overall, a Full-Time NTT Faculty member with administrative duties is expected to coordinate the daily academic operation of degree and/or certificate programs. Specific responsibilities may include facilitating Faculty meetings, representing a program at unit level Coordinators meetings, facilitating curriculum design and revision, providing oversight for course offerings, facilitating the collection of data to support accreditation renewals and self-study reports, oversight for student advising, maintaining a program’s website, admitting qualified applicants to graduate programs, and coordinating marketing, recruitment and retention activities. NTT Faculty members with administrative duties are also expected to teach courses and maintain an acceptable level of professional and academic service and activity.

Overall, Full-Time NTT Faculty with administrative duties must demonstrate the quality and significance of their work based on a number of factors. However, several key elements must be included, at a minimum, within the candidate’s contextual statement:

  • Service on committees;
  • Program development activities (e.g., curricular changes, marketing, interviewing, data collection and dissemination); and
  • Involvement in accreditation reviews (e.g., APA, CACREP, CORE, NCATE, AQUIP, etc.)