Evaluating Performance of Full-Time NTT Faculty with Research Appointments

Performance expectations for Full-Time NTT Faculty with research appointments will be specified by the School Director in consultation with the FAC and with the concurrence of the Dean. Overall, a Full-Time NTT Faculty member with research appointment is expected to be an active researcher, as evidenced by having established and continuing to pursue one or more focused areas of inquiry that applies a clear and cogent method of investigation (or combination of methods).


Overall, Full-Time NTT Faculty with research appointments must demonstrate the quality and significance of their work based on a number of factors. However, several key elements must be included, at a minimum, within the candidate’s contextual statement:

  • Publication of research findings disseminated through peer-reviewed outlets (e.g., journals, chapters in books, books, academic/training materials);
  • Characteristics of all material published during the review period, including but not limited to impact factor, acceptance rates, prominence in the field, readership/circulation, indexing, affiliation with professional organization or agency);
  • Presentations to learned societies at local, regional, state, and national/international levels;
  • Grant applications, including characteristics of funding source and application process (i.e., prominence of the agency or organization, affiliation with professional organization or federal agency, level of rigor of application process).