Faculty Representation at Commencement

Participation in commencement exercises is an important part of the responsibility of full‐time Faculty. It shows regard for student achievement and demonstrates not only to the graduates but their parents and significant others the Faculty’s pride in such accomplishment.

The School welcomes any Faculty member who wishes to volunteer to attend commencement at any time. However, not enough volunteers may step forward each time to provide a sufficient representation. Therefore, the School full-time Faculty will be asked to attend following a rotation system to achieve a quota of three participating in each exercise.

In order to empower the policy, the following procedures were established:

  • Subsequent to each commencement, the list of who has attended will be updated with notations about the dates of attendance.
  • The roster of all full‐time Faculty will be reviewed and those with the longest hiatus between the present time and the last attendance will be identified as those who will attend. Attendance in doctoral commencement will be considered equivalent to participation in undergraduate/master’s commencement.
  • The number of full‐time Faculty from the School attending the undergraduate/master’s commencement will be at least 15% of the total number of school TT and NTT Faculty.
  • Should the identified person not be able to attend, it will be that person’s responsibility to provide the name of a substitute Faculty member from the school list who will attend. The substitute will have their attendance acknowledged in the next revision of the list.