"Full" Performance Review

A Full Performance Review occurs for those Full-Time NTT Faculty members completing three or six consecutive years of annually renewable contracts, respectively; and, is governed by the applicable CBA. Each academic year, guidelines for the Full Performance Reviews for Full-Time NTT Faculty are distributed by the Office of the Provost. The Full Performance Review concludes with the College’s review and determination. The period of performance to be reviewed is three or six full academic years of consecutive appointments, including that portion of the current appointment, which is subject to evaluation and assessment at the time of the review. Each Full-Time NTT candidate who must complete a Full Performance Review is required to submit a dossier as described in the appropriate CBA. At a minimum, the candidate’s file must contain a narrative statement, updated curriculum vita, and other appropriate supporting documents based on the candidate’s responsibilities (i.e., Instruction, Clinical, Practitioner, or Research).