Program Area Coordinators

It is the responsibility of the Program Area Coordinator to provide academic leadership by convening the Faculty regularly to discuss important curricular issues, to evaluate programs, to plan academic and student affairs, and to meet with advisory groups of students and practicing professionals. The Program Area Coordinator also will convene the Faculty at the request of the School Director, College Advisory Council (CAC), or Dean for specific purposes. The possible agendas of program Faculty meetings include the scheduling of classes, which can be facilitated to avoid conflicts for students; the examination of the proposed structural and curriculum changes; the assembly of content for program brochures; the development of recruitment and student development plans; and the formulation of suggestions to the School or College faculties for considerations.

A number of programs are closely related and benefit from close articulation of course offerings, use of instructors, and shared resources. Thus, Program Area Coordinators represent program faculties regularly to the Director and to the Deans on appropriate occasions. The role of the coordinator will be to represent Faculty members with primary appointment in the program area to the School Faculty, to the College administration and/or Faculty, and to professional agencies as needed. Coordinators are expected to seek out Faculty views and consult with Faculty on all essential decisions affecting the faculties and programs of the area. They articulate such information as scheduling and utilization of resources across programs.

Program Area Coordinators serve both the Director and the program area Faculty. Program area Faculty members recommend acceptable candidates from within the program area for the position of coordinator. After consultation with the program Faculty, the Director selects and appoints the Program Coordinator for a term of two years. Faculty may be reappointed to an additional term(s) per recommendation from the program Faculty and approval of the Director. At any time that significant dissatisfaction is expressed on the part of either the Faculty or the Director, a decision may be made to seek a new coordinator for that program area.

Program Area Coordinators must maintain good communication with Faculty members and consult with them formally on curricular matters before making recommendations to the Director, other administrators, or councils/committees of the College. The responsibilities for instructional assignments and workloads of individual Faculty members are the responsibility of the Director (with approval of the Dean) who will seek the advice of the program coordinator.  Responsibility for the review and development of program curricula, guidelines for student advisement, monitoring of program quality, preparation of annual reports and accreditation review documents, recruitment of students, and follow-up of graduates are to be shared responsibilities within the Faculty. Program Coordinators will also be responsible for selection of and evaluation of part-time instructors in their academic unit. It is the role of the program coordinator to provide academic leadership to the Faculty and to oversee the completion of tasks so that high standards of quality are maintained.

Because programs and program areas vary significantly in terms of size, scope, and complexity, the demands of the Program Area Coordinator’s role will vary. Specific expectations and responsibilities of the individual are agreed upon by the Director and program Faculty. Load assignment for the responsibilities agreed upon in the specific job description of a coordinator is negotiated with and established by the Director with the approval of the Dean. As a general rule, program coordinators will receive compensation for continuing their duties over the summer.