Promotion of Full-Time NTT Faculty

Beginning in academic year 2011-12, Full-Time NTT Faculty members who have completed at least six (6) consecutive years of service, and at least two successful Full Performance Reviews, may apply for promotion at the time of their second Full Performance Review, or with any scheduled performance review thereafter. The criteria, guidelines, and procedures for Full-Time NTT promotions are included in the applicable CBA. As required by the CBA, evidence of significant accomplishments in performance and professional development is required. Accomplishments and/or contributions in the area of university citizenship, when they exist, will contribute to the candidate’s NTT Faculty member’s overall record of accomplishment. The College’s Non-Tenure Track Promotion Advisory Board (NPAB) shall be composed of Full-Time NTT Faculty representatives. The NPAB will review the applications for promotion and make a recommendation to the Dean.