Review of FEA Applications

Upon receipt of applications, the FAC will review each file and individually rate the applicant’s file on a three-point scale

0 = Work is perceived to be meeting basic job expectations

1 = Work is perceived to exceed basic job expectations

2 = Work is superior and perceived to far exceed basic job expectations

Each FAC member will turn in their ratings to the School’s Special Assistant, who will then add the total points for all Faculty in each of the two categories. The Special Assistant also will prepare a matrix of total points awarded to each candidate for each category. The School’s Special Assistant must keep the raw data (i.e., each FAC member’s ratings) in case appeals are made.

The FAC will meet and discuss the ratings of the pool. (Faculty names will be removed from the ratings). Clusters within the distribution of ratings will be agreed upon by the FAC. The same dollar allocation will be made to Faculty who fall within the same cluster. Allocations for each Faculty member within a cluster will be based on the number of clusters within the total distribution; e.g., in a three-cluster distribution within a category, each Faculty member with the highest merit would receive 3 units of the total allocation. A cluster at the bottom of the ratings may be deemed by the FAC as work that is not viewed as being above average and, therefore, not warranting an FEA.