School Director

The School Director (hereinafter the "Director") serves as the chief executive officer of the School and coordinates administrative, instructional, research and service activities of the School. The Director represents the interests of the College to the School and interests of the School to the College to improve communication and the quality of relationships within the collegial community. The Director reports to the Dean on administrative matters and advises the Dean on all personnel matters, including regional campus Faculty. Persons filling the role of Director are recruited, selected, and evaluated through procedures consistent with the guidelines defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The School Director assumes both management and leadership responsibilities in support of the interests of the College and School faculties. The Director is expected to be well informed on matters related to all programs contained in the unit, including national trends and accreditation standards. The Director is expected to provide leadership in maintaining the highest standards of quality within all programs and to support efforts to seek both external recognition and funding for the development and maintenance of excellent programs. The Director is expected to maintain conditions that foster excellence within the Faculty through appropriate allocation of resources and monitoring of their use. The Director is expected to meet regularly with the Faculty Advisory Committee, representing the School Faculty, for advice on all matters affecting Faculty in the school. In addition, the Director is expected to meet with the Program Area Coordinators regularly to receive input and share information pertinent to specific program faculties. Regular meetings with the clerical staff are expected for communication and shared decision making purposes. The Director is expected to effectively provide administrative leadership to the School as well as to the College through participation on the leadership team of Deans and Directors.

The selection, review, and reappointment of the Director are the responsibility of the Dean, who consults with the School Faculty on such matters. Procedures for the selection, review, and reappointment of the Director are included in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.