LGBT Minor Requirements

Minor Code: LGBT 200980

No coursework in your minor may be taken pass/fail. No more than 6 hours counted toward the major may also be counted toward the LGBT minor. Selected or special topics or variable content courses with LGBT content may be counted toward the minor if approved by the coordinator(s). Minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA required.


AS Introduction to LGBT Studies 22069 (3 credit hours)

AS Individual Investigation 30196 (3 credit hours)

Block A: Select three courses* (9 credit hours)

AS Special Topics** 40095 (3 credit hours)

ENG Introduction to LGBT Literature 21003 (3 credit hours)

ENG LGBT: Critical Perspectives 35301 (3 credit hours)

MCLS The Novels of Pierre Loti 30376 (3 credit hours)

SOC Sociology of Gays and Lesbians 32565 (3 credit hours)

SOC Sociology of Changing Gender Roles 42315 (3 credit hours)

PSYC Development of Gender Role & Identity 40625 (3 credit hours)

THEA Gay and Lesbian Theatre 41114 (3 credit hours)

WMST Colloquium in Women’s Studies 30000 (3 credit hours)

Block B: Select two courses* (6 credit hours)

AMST Introduction to American Studies 10001 (3 credit hours)

ANTH Human Behavioral Ecology and Evolution 48830 (3 credit hours)

HED Human Sexuality 32544 (3 credit hours)

HED AIDS: Issues, Education and Prevention 47070 (3 credit hours)

JUS Victimology 27311 (3 credit hours)

POL Politics of Social Movements 40920 (3 credit hours)

SOC Social Problems 22778 (3 credit hours)

SOC Sociology of Families 32560 (3 credit hours)

SOC Inequality in Society 32570 (3 credit hours)

SOC Social Movements 42359 (3 credit hours)

SOC Self and Identity 42400 (3 credit hours)

Total Minor Hours: 21

*Any Block A course can be used to fill the Block B requirement.

**May be substituted with the approval of the coordinator.