LGBTQ Faculty Affiliates

Coordinator of LGBTQ Studies

Lauren Vachon, Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality


Lori Allen-McGee, MCLS – Stark Campus

Karla Anhalt, Lifespan Development and Educational Sciences

Richard Berrong, Modern and Classical Languages

Katrina Bloch, Sociology – Stark Campus

Christa Boske, K-12 Education Administration

Noelle Bowles, English – Trumbull Campus

Kevin Floyd, English

Walter Gershon, Adolescent and Young Adult Education

Cara Gilgenbach, Library – Special Collections & Archives

Suzanne Holt, Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality/Women’s Studies

Susan Iverson, Higher Education Administration

Austin Johnson, Sociology

Diane Kerr, Health Sciences

Pam Lieske, English – Trumbull

Molly Merryman, Center for the Study of Gender & Sexuality/Sociology

Daniel-Raymond Nadon, Theatre

Marilyn Norconk, Anthropology (retired)

Manacy Pai, Sociology

Kristen Precht, English

John Rainey, Adult, Counseling, Health, and Vocational Education

Carol Robinson, English – Trumbull Campus

Nicole Rousseau, Sociology

Jay Sloan, English – Stark Campus

Fred Smith, Art (retired)

Patti Swartz, English – East Liverpool Campus

Tiffany Taylor, Sociology

Laurie Wagner, Health Sciences