Application Procedure


Students may start the program in the fall, spring, or summer. For those interested in starting in the spring or summer terms, all required documents - Goal Statement, three letters of recommendation, transcripts and (if necessary) English proficiency test scores - must be received by Graduate Admissions six weeks before the start of the semester in which a student wishes to enroll.

GPA Requirement

Kent State University requires a minimum 2.75 undergraduate GPA of applicants to its graduate programs. In general a 3.0 GPA or above is desirable for admission to the program.  Students must have a record which demonstrates an ability to maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA, as this is the required minimum GPA for all graduate student degrees earned at Kent State University.

How to Apply Online

1. Online Application

Begin the application process by clicking on this link

(Graduate Admissions).

  • Click on "Apply Now".
  • Scroll down to "Graduate Students" and click on "Apply Now"
  • Create an account to start the application process.
  • You will need to choose either the in person or 100% online option for the Master of Liberal Studies (note, the program is housed in the College of Arts and Sciences at Kent State University)

2. Goal Statement

Begin by writing your Goal Statement, which should include the requisite List of Courses, following the directions provided on the Designing Your Degree Program page. If you would like to discuss your Goal Statement or need advice on your List of Courses, please contact the program coordinator.  It is advisable to have the program coordinator check your List of Courses prior to submission.

3. Letters of Recommendation

Ask three former professors or instructors who can describe your qualities as a student and the likelihood of your succeeding in graduate study to submit letters of recommendation. You may provide these individuals with your Goal Statement, so that they can speak to your specific proposed individualized program of study. If you have been out of college for some time and are no longer in contact with your college professors, you can consider asking  your employers or others who can speak to your work ethic. 

In all cases, it is very important that these letters come from individuals who can provide objective evaluations of your qualities. They should therefore not come from personal friends, family members, your employees, or anyone else who might be less than objective.

Also, make sure to pick individuals who will write you substantive letters. Letters from individuals who write only a few sentences or who do not know you or your work well will not help your application.

Make sure the individuals whom you ask for these recommendations indicate in their letters that you are applying to the Masters of Liberal Studies program.

4. Official Transcripts

You will need to request official transcripts from each undergraduate institution you have attended leading up to your undergraduate degree.  If you have completed post-baccalaureate or graduate level coursework, it is also advisable to submit transcripts from those institutions.  Note that the transcripts must be official transcripts issued directly by the university.

5.  English proficiency scores

Some international students (depending on their country of origin and educational background) will need to demonstrate adequate English proficiency by submitting test scores, such as the TOEFL exam.  Please see the admissions requirements for more details on minimum scores required for this program for different test options and also please examine the information about international applications using the following link (click on "International" for application type): International Admissions.