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Forms & Resources

Useful Forms for Current Students


  • Apply to Graduate This is done online, and must be done by the first week of the semester in which you intend to graduate.
  • Reapply to Graduate If you need to change your graduation date to a later semester, you can do this online.

  • Get approval to register at KSU for a graduate course you will take at Akron U., Cleveland State U., or Youngstown State U. Approval for Acceptance of Graduate Coursework through the NEO Memorandum of Understanding

  • Apply for Essay Topic Approval. You need to complete this form and submit it to the Program Director before you can register for AS 61098. Since it requires preparing an outline of your Liberal Studies Essay and getting signatures from your Adviser and Reader, you want to start work on this well before the deadline for adding courses. Essay Topic Approval Form

  • Transfer to/from another degree program or major at KSU Change in Program of Study Form

  • Apply for the combined BA/MLS program (in addition to graduate application procedure) Combined Baccalaureate/Master's Program

  • Apply to re-enter the MLS program following 2 or more semesters without taking KSU coursework (this reactivates your file) Application to re-enter graduate degree program