What is an RFP?

RFP stands for request for proposal. An RFP is a document that lists out all of the requirements and needs of a project. An RFP is required for all projects expected to cost over $50K/year. Contractors must bid to win the contract based on the requirements established in the RFP.

What is our current Learning Management System (LMS)?

Blackboard Learn is our current LMS.

Why are we conducting an RFP for our Learning Management System?

We are conducting an RFP for our Learning Management System (LMS) due to state requirements around procurement of goods and services.  Purchases and renewals of enterprise level systems like our Learning Management Systems routinely need to go through an RFP process to ensure that the University is receiving competitive pricing.

How long have we had our current LMS?

We have been with our current LMS since 2007 (at the time the product was called Blackboard Vista).

Does this mean we are leaving Blackboard?

Not necessarily. The committee will entertain responses from all vendors, including our current partner. The committee will choose the best vendor based on the needs of the university community.

Can you describe the RFP Process for the LMS?

We are committed to:

  • Engaging with the Kent State Community to identify needs and preferences  
  • Operating as transparently as possible through the process
  • Communicating regularly on updates and milestones
  • Working with faculty on sharing perspectives, functional needs, and concerns

Some key actions we are planning on taking as part of the RFP process includes:

  • Surveying faculty and students on current experiences, needs, and thoughts with regards to the LMS.
  • Conducting an RFI (Request for Information) as a way for vendors to supply information to the committee in a non-committal way.  Given that we have been with our current solution for so long, this will allow the committee to develop a better understanding of current offerings which will help inform creation of requirements in the RFP.
  • Listening sessions and feedback opportunities.  We want to hear from you!  We will provide opportunities for you to influence our understanding of the university’s needs.  We plan on doing this at key points in the process ahead of the RFP creation and during the evaluation phase.  Additionally, if you have thoughts at any time, you are encouraged to share them with us by [filling out the form / emailing us].  We review all messages to us during our committee meetings.
  • Product demonstrations and proof of concepts.
Who is on the RFP committee? Who is chairing the committee?