Effort Timeline


A Note About the Timeline:

The outcome of this process will have a significant impact to Kent State University.  While it is important to have dates and milestones, we recognize that it is more important to take our time, operate in an informed manner, and be deliberate in our process.  The below timeline reflects our intention. It may be subject to change in the event that some efforts take longer or complete quicker than expected.  Additionally, the timeline is not fully comprehensive as we will hold additional listening sessions and public report outs as milestones are crossed.  This timeline will be updated as time progresses.

LMS 2020-2021 Aspirational Timeline


Aspirational Timeline:

  • Summer/Fall 2020:
    • No changes to LMS
  • September 2020:
    • Selection recommendation
  • September - November 2020:
    • Transition roadmap with faculty input
  • October - December 2020:
    • Testing system integration
  • Summer 2020 - Spring 2022:
    • Continue Blackboard Learn
  • Spring 2021:
    • Pilot testing of LMS selection with volunteer faculty
    • Faculty training
    • Pilot migrations of courses
  • Summer 2021 - Spring 2022:
    • Coordinated course migrations and trainings by college