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The Major Mentor Program is a searchable directory that assists in connecting exploratory and re-deciding students with current students in specific majors and/or minors. Major Mentors are excellent peer resources, who are both experienced and have advanced knowledge in their field of study. Students can email Major Mentors with questions about their major, coursework, future career plans, campus involvement, and/or volunteer work.

Students Interested in USING the Major Mentor Program

Please read these helpful tips before contacting our mentors:

  • Share your background/goals with your mentor.
  • Be specific as to why you are contacting them; possible questions may include:
    • Why did they select their major?
    • What do they like the most/least about their major?
    • What courses do they like the most and why?
    • Are they involved on campus? If so, what campus involvement opportunities exist with their major?
    • When do they plan to graduate?
    • What career fields are they considering after graduation?
    • Have they done any volunteer work?
    • Have they completed any internships or work in the field they are studying?

Access the Major Mentor Directory Here

Students Interested in BECOMING A MAJOR MENTOR

Being a Major Mentor can provide you with great leadership skills as you help other students explore specific majors and/or minors.  If you are interested in becoming a Major Mentor, please email Karen Steiner ( to get the process started.  You will be asked to complete a brief Blackboard Course regarding the expectations for a Major Mentor, as well as a list or campus resources you may find useful.

Faculty/Staff Information

Nominating Students to be a Major Mentor

What kind of student should you nominate?

We are looking for students who are invested in their academic journey, and who would serve as trustworthy, informative mentors to other students. Since this resource is provided via email exchange, it makes it easier for those students who love their major and their work, yet to be on the quieter side. Whether a student is seemingly outgoing or shy does not matter, as they have the choice to participate or opt out at any time.

Have a student in mind, but not sure if he/she would be interested?

That’s okay! Students often appreciate knowing that they were nominated by a faculty or staff member, but will not be pressured into participating. The process is one that makes sure each mentor is comfortable with this role before committing to it, and can request to be removed as a resource at any time.

How do I nominate a student?

If you have students in mind that would be a great fit as a Major Mentor, please let us know, so we can reach out to them! Please email with students’ names and emails, and she will get the process started. Also, please feel free to contact her with any questions you may have as well.