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Gifts and grants to build the Kent State University May 4 Visitors Center

National Endowment for the Humanities
Exploring the human endeavor

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Kent State University

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Kent State University

College of Architecture and Environmental Design
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Tuscarawas Campus
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Karpinski Engineering 
“In honor of the historic significance of this center.”

Endowments in support of the Kent State University May 4 Visitors Center

Laura Davis ’73, ’76, ’87 and Tom Clapper ’74
Bill Schroeder May 4 Visitors Center Internship

Carole Barbato ’71, ’75, ’94 and Patrick Barbato ’74
Sandra L. Scheuer May 4 Visitors Center Internship

Gifts and grants in support of the Kent State University May 4 Visitors Center & Walking Tour

Ohio Humanities Council 
May 4 Walking Tour

John Rath ’69 and Joanne Rath ’69
Trail Marker 1 “Boston Massacre: 5 dead. Kent State Massacre: 4 dead.”

Leigh Herington ’67, ’71 and Anita Herington ’71, ’88, ’94
Trail Marker 3 “Freedom of speech and assembly.”

Dennis Block and Madeline Farkas Block
Trail Marker 4 “In memory of Bill Schroeder.”

Carol Meyer
Trail Marker 6 “For Jeff, Sandy, Bill, and Allison. Love one another.”

Richard Serpe
Trail Marker 7 “Petition the government and stand vigil . . .”

Mr. Daniel C. Adams
Mr. William G Arthrell
Dr. Carole A. Barbato and Mr. Patrick F. Barbato
Mr. Robert N. Battista
Mr. Ellis M. Berns
Mrs. Candace J. Brenner
Mr. Jack Buckingham and Ms. Babette Gorman
Dr. and Mrs. Lance C. Buhl
Mr. James W. Byron
Mr. Michael Centa
Ms. Barbara Child
Dr. and Mrs. Brad W. Cotton
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Crane
Mr. and Mrs. Larry F. Crowl
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Cullum
Dr. Laura L. Davis and Mr. Thomas J. Clapper
Mr. Matthew S. Daw
Mr. and Mrs. Dell R. Duncan
Mr. David Durante
Ms. Kathryn Ellis
Mr. and Ms. Christopher C. Everett
Mrs. Madeline Farkas Block and Mr. Dennis Block
Ms. Amy Fasnacht
Mr. Jeffrey A. Fine
Future Fossil Music - Merovingian Music
Mrs. Victoria Geiger
Mr. and Mrs. George Giles
Prof. Cara L. Gilgenbach
Mr. and Ms. Martin A. Goetz
Ms. Linda Gotthardt-Allende
Dr. Thomas M. Grace
Ms. Anne Grace
Ms. Elizabeth E. Graham
Ms. Dawn M. Grattino
Mr. Sam Grist
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Halterman
Ms. Elizabeth Harrison
Mr. Stephen M Hawley
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Hensley
Mr. Mark Hersman
Dr. Lynne E. and Mr. Steven Houtz
Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Huberty
Mr. Milo Hunter
Mr. Bruce M. Hyland
ICE Export Sales Corp.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Ives
Dr. and Mrs. John T Kane
Karpinski Engineering
Mr. Thomas W. Kleinhenz
Dr. Carolyn H. Knox
Ms. Barbara Kotsogean
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kramer
Mr. Russell Latini
Mrs. Rosemary S. Leeb and Mr. Gregg H. Lebb
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Lewis
Mr. Preston B. Lewis, III
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Lungard
Ms. Bonnie J. Metro
Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Mueller
Ms. Erica Meuser
Mr. Carol J. Meyer, Jr.
Miracle on Main Street
Mr. David A. Nershi
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Novak
Mr. Lawrence L. Olson
Mr. Raymond S. Pelosi
Ms. Jayne D. Pogorelc
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Rath
Mr. and Mrs. Don Reinhardt
Mr. Craig Resta
Mr. William Rubenstein
Mr. Franco G. Ruffini and Mrs. Mary Beth Hirsch
Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Schramm
Ms. Jennifer Schwartz Wright
Second Story Media
Dr. and Mrs. Mark F. Seeman
Ms. Debra L. Shutts
Mr. Steven Skovensky and Ms. Jennifer Patterson
Miss Paula A. Slimak
Solonitz Advertising Design
Mr. Alan Stacy
Dr. Kathy L. Stafford
Mr. James W. Stevenson
Mr. Martin Simonsen and Ms. Cynthia R. Stillings
Mr. and Mrs. Carter E. Strang
Mrs. Eda Theodoridis
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Thomas
Ms. Elena Thompson
Dr. David K. Truscello
Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Mr. Kenneth J. Vinciquerra
Mr. Scott JW Waite
Mr. Ronald D. Weisberger
Mr. William Ross West and Prof. Myra R. West
Dr. Rebecca Ann Zurava and Mr. George Edward Zurava