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Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Science in Translation -

translation3The Bachelor of Science degree from IAL is offered in French Translation, German Translation, Russian Translation and Spanish Translation. 

Bachelor of Science in Translation Overview

The degrees, while differing in language, are essentially identical in program content. They are therefore summarized together in this overview. Differences between the programs are noted where relevant. For more information, contact Prof. Françoise Massardier-Kenney, Translation Coordinator,, (330) 672-1795.  Each B.S. in Translation consists of four parts:

  1. Liberal Education Requirements/General B.S. Requirements of the College of Arts & Sciences: Some of these courses can also count as part of the Subject Area Specialty (45 credit hours)
  2. Basic Language/Culture Cluster: These courses provide the student with the linguistic and cultural tools (including a background in literature) to enable him/her to successfully function as a mediator between two cultures. (24-27 credit hours)
  3. Translation/Business Language Courses: These courses provide an introduction to the theory of translation and some practice in it, including courses containing specialized knowledge enabling a student to deal with modern business language and general business translation in the workplace. (25-28 credit hours)
  4. Subject Area Specialty:

    The Subject Area Specialty is a departmentally approved coherent sequence of courses in one or more other disciplines (i.e., not in the Department of Modern & Classical Language Studies). The philosophy behind the Subject Area Specialty is that a translator working in today's market cannot simply have been trained in the general areas of language, literature, and culture, but must have deeper knowledge of one or more disciplines outside the linguistic area. In order to be approved, the Subject Area Specialty must include courses in an area or areas which are currently marketable, such as business, legal studies, international relations, political science, computer science, chemistry, physics, or other "hard sciences." The student can opt to take a second language as part of the Subject Area Specialty. Up to 17 credits in the same language (through Composition & Conversation I) can be counted.

    Possible Specialties Include, but are not limited to the following: Accounting, Advertising, Aeronautics, Anthropology, Applied Mathematics, Architecture, Biological Sciences, Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Business, Business Management, Cartography, Chemistry, Climatology, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Conservation, Criminal Justice Studies, Earth Science, Economics, Electronic Media,Electronic Technology, Finance, Flight Technology, Geography, Geology, Industrial Technology, International Business, International Relations Courses (subject to 21 hour rule), Justice Studies, Latin American Studies (Spanish Translation majors), Management, Management and Industrial Studies, Marketing, Mathematics, Media Sales/Management, Medical Technology, North Atlantic Security Studies, Nursing, Operations Management, Paralegal Studies, Physics, Political Science, Public Relations, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Law, Pre-Medicine, Radio and Television, Soviet and East European Studies (Russian Translation majors), Technology, Zoology,

    and selected KSU Regional Campus Technology Majors/Minors/Associate degrees

    Minor or double major/dual degree: Students are encouraged to consider either a minor or a double major or dual degree in their Subject Area Specialty. Though not a requirement, having a minor or second degree can be useful in the workplace. Students should be aware, however, that simultaneously earning a B.S. in Translation and a B.A. in another discipline is considered a dual degree, which requires a total of 140 semester hours (as of the 2003-2004 Catalog; earlier catalogs have higher total requirements). Double major and dual degree students should expect their studies to take additional time. (27-33 credit hours)

127 total credit hours

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