M.A. in Latin

The Master of Arts program in Latin has two concentrations: Latin Literature and Applied Linguistics and Pedagogy. Both concentrations are professional programs designed to improve Latin language skills.

M.A. in Latin, Latin literature concentration (online)

The concentration in Latin literature is a fully online program. The concentration provides students with intensive Latin language practice at an advanced level across a wide range of literary genres as well as experience with academic research and scholarship. This program is targeted at three major audiences:

  • Secondary Latin teachers who wish to upgrade their credentials
  • Aspiring teachers who have completed the equivalent of Kent State University's Latin undergraduate major
  • Students with a Classics B.A. who wish to continue their graduate studies in preparation for the Ph.D. in Classics or other programs (e.g., Museum Studies, etc.).

For questions regarding the online program admissions or requirements, please contact Dr. Jennifer Larson at jlarson@kent.edu.

M.A. in Latin, Applied linguistics and pedagogy Concentration (hybrid)

The concentration in applied linguistics and pedagogy provides students with additional courses in foreign language pedagogy as well as Latin language courses. This concentration does not in itself result in licensure in the state of Ohio. The concentration is also a "hybrid" online program, meaning the the Latin and Classics courses in the program are offered online, but the majority of the MCLS courses are taught on-site at the Kent State University main campus.

For questions regarding program admissions or requirements, please contact Dr. Rebecca Chism at rlchism@kent.edu.

Graduate Courses Taught in English

In addition to courses in Latin language and literature, the department offers a variety of English-language culture courses in Classical Civilization at the graduate level (e.g., mythology, art and archaeology, classical literature in translation). These courses have no language prerequisite and are open to all graduate students.

Admission Requirements

Both concentrations are professional development programs. Students in either concentration are required to have had extensive training in Latin (documented through transcripts) and must be prepared to read Latin texts in the original.

Student Testimonials

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