Ohio Board of Regents Approves New Undergraduate Degree Programs

Ohio Board of Regents Approves New Undergraduate Degree Programs

FashionThe Ohio Board of Regents has approved two new undergraduate degree programs and the revision of six others.
The board approved the establishment of a Bachelor of Science in engineering technology degree to be offered at the Kent State Tuscarawas Campus. A Bachelor of Fine Art degree in fashion design, to complement the existing Bachelor of Art degree in fashion design, also was approved by the board.

“The new Bachelor of Science in engineering technology has been designed to serve the needs of the students, as well as the employment needs of Northeast Ohio, and that of the state in general,” says Kamal Bichara, Ph.D., director of the engineering technology program. “The new degree program was driven by recommendations made by the Industrial Advisory Board and by the employment outlook of the region.”

The engineering technology major comprises three concentrations formerly housed in the Bachelor of Science in technology degree —electrical/electronics, computer design, animation and game design and manufacturing/mechanical systems—and two new concentrations—green and alternative energy and integrated engineering technology.

Speaking of the new B.F.A. degree in fashion design, J.R. Campbell, M.F.A., director of the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising, says, “The creation of the B.F.A. in combination with the major revision of the B.A. program in fashion design allows much greater flexibility and responsiveness in the design curriculum to respond to changes in technology, career specialisms and supply chain innovations in the fashion industry.”

Campbell says that students from both the B.A. and B.F.A. programs will be trained to be successfully competitive for any entry-level design position in the industry and will be required to develop portfolios for presentation at interviews.

Name changes for six degree programs in the College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Biological Sciences and the Department of Modern and Classical Language Studies were ratified by the board.

The College of Arts and Sciences’ Bachelor of General Studies degree will now be known as the Bachelor of Integrative Studies degree, and includes the establishment of a concentration that allows students to combine three minors to form the major.

The Department of Biological Sciences’ conservation major within the Bachelor of Science degree has been changed to environmental and conservation biology, with two new concentrations in conservation biology and environmental policy and management now available.

The French, German, Russian and Spanish majors within the Bachelor of Arts degree in the Department of Modern and Classical Language Studies will now be called French Literature, Culture and Translation; German Literature, Culture and Translation; Russian Literature, Culture and Translation; and Spanish Literature, Culture and Translation, respectively.

“It was important to revise the names of these majors because we made a curricular change that involved the blending of our current degrees programs in translation and literature/culture,” says Jennifer Larson, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages. “The names of the resulting bachelor’s degrees reflect the combination of coursework that will be required for all our majors in these languages.”

For more information about the new undergraduate programs, contact the appropriate academic department or school. 

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