Student Testimonials

"I was fortunate to have the opportunity to earn my master’s degree at Kent State for a number of reasons. While this experience allowed me to expand my knowledge of subjects such as Roman history or the Latin language, it also gave me the opportunity to practice and improve my skills as an educator, while studying under exceptional faculty members, that I use every day as a teacher now. However, even with that, the most valuable part of my education was in preparing me to tackle problems critically, a talent that anyone needs to have, no matter what course of life they are preparing for.”

Cody Goetting, Latin Instructor, St. Francis De Sales School, Toledo; Adjunct Instructor, University of Toledo 
M.A. Latin (Latin Literature concentration), 2019 
M.A. Thesis: “The voices of women in Latin elegy.”

"The Latin Literature program at Kent State University allowed me to gain more research experience and a deeper understanding of the history as well as the culture surrounding the literature. This deeper understanding of Latin literature enabled me to not only became a better teacher for my students, but I have also become more aware of the diversity of modern cultures because of my studies in Classics.”

Amanda Whitacre, Adjunct Instructor, Kent State University
M.A., Latin (Latin Literature concentration), 2018 
M.A. Thesis: “Disability and ability in accounts of the Emperor Claudius.” 

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Kent State’s graduate program. The course offerings provide opportunities for specialization and individualized research, and equally importantly, they provide the breadth of training that is essential for employability in Classics at any level; graduate coursework in other disciplines, e.g. history and art and archaeology, alongside Latin is necessary preparation for the varying demands of teaching. My time as a graduate student instructor was also invaluable, offering the opportunity to teach both language and culture courses and to receive mentorship and feedback. Lastly, something that shouldn’t be undervalued in graduate programs, is an environment of support and welcoming. Faculty, staff, and fellow students fostered a sense of community that has continued well beyond my time in the program. A warm thank you to everyone for a great experience!”

Brandon Conley, Adjunct Instructor, Michigan State University 
M.A., Latin (Latin Literature concentration) 2017 
M.A. Thesis: “An ordinary feature of sub-elite and spoken Latin: The geographical distribution and prevalence of the omission of accusative final \-m\ c.100 BCE-200 CE.”