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Real-world experience holds immense importance in the dynamic landscape of education. At Kent State University, class partnerships serve as vital conduits for students to immerse themselves in practical applications of their learning.

This semester, under the guidance of dedicated professors, students across various disciplines are collaborating with partners such as the Akron Community Foundation, Kent State Athletics, the Kent State IT Department and Keep Ohio Beautiful.

These partnerships provide students with hands-on experience and foster meaningful connections between each other and the wider community, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in their careers.

Research and Measurement in Advertising and PR

This class aims to teach students how to utilize primary and secondary research in integrated communication strategies, emphasizing ethical considerations in human subjects research and fostering critical thinking and effective communication skills with diverse audiences. Students culminate their learning by delivering well-informed presentations for real-world class partners.

This semester, Professor Cheryl Ann Lambert teaches one section of the class in partnership with the non-profit organization Keep Ohio Beautiful, while Professor Evan Bailey leads the other section in collaboration with Kent State Athletics.

Public Relations Case Studies

This course delves into public relations through real-world case studies and the development of PR plans for client organizations, involving teamwork and substantial writing in various formats outside class.

Professor Luke Armour teaches this class, and this semester's partner is the Kent State IT Department.

Capstone: Campaigns in Ad/PR

Capstone courses allow final-year students to demonstrate expertise in their major or area of study. This course requires student teams to combine research, planning and execution into a single advertising and public relations campaign developed for a real-world organization.  

Professor Stefanie Moore, partnering with the Akron Community Foundation, teaches the class this semester. 

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