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“it is striking how often we don't talk about mental health concerns. to me it is a part of the human condition and if we have the good fortune to live into adulthood then we will all face struggles and challenges. in my own life my first problems were with anxiety and stress in my late teens and into my twenties which were exacerbated by lack of sleep, poor eating and overall poor 'adulting' skills. flying, heights, enclosed spaces, crowds - all resulted in panic attacks and severe anxiety. doctors prescribed Xanax but that didn't seem like the answer for me (no judgement on meds. just for me they cause more problems than they fix). drugs also wouldn't help lead me to the root of my issues, luckily a friend recommended yoga and meditation which did help me eventually to make major life changes which helped ease the anxiety, calm my panic and allowed me perspective and strength to take control of my life. but life throws challenges over and over - the next big hit was a serious case of post-partum depression after my second son was born, that led me to shave my head in a fit of depression. this woke up the people around me which resulted in better support and help, easing my burden and lifting the fog/fear that had lived in my head. again a return to better lifestyle habits including yoga & meditation supported me through the tough moments. my most recent big challenge was just in the last few years after the death of both my parents, divorce and economic uncertainty that resulted in an extremely difficult period of grief and depression. luckily there were friends and family that helped me when my instinct was to isolate, they gently guided me back to a routine that over time led to healing. throughout my life the things that have been of most benefit are my friends and family, awesome clinical counselors at every tough time and a well worn path of healthy habits that has always given me just a little bit of extra energy and space to take a deep breath. but time, time is the key - we can't rush healing of the body or the mind. its okay to take care of ourselves, its okay to ask for help, its okay to be honest and open about the challenges of being human because there is magic in the acceptance of our imperfect selves - it gives permission to those around us to do the same.”

--Melissa C., Faculty/Staff

POSTED: Thursday, July 5, 2018 - 8:20am
UPDATED: Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 10:09am