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For questions, comments or more information regarding the School of Music, please contact the following members of our Faculty and Staff:


Jane Dressler 

Interim Director, Hugh A. Glauser School of Music

Administrative Staff

Tina Inks

Administrative Assistant to the Director
Phone: 330-672-0446

Tammy McKenna

Administrative Clerk
Phone: 330-672-0447

Henry Tregaskis

Associate Business Analyst
Phone: 330-672-0444

Marketing and Communications 

Andrew Paa

Marketing Assistant
Phone: 330-672-0894

Kent/Blossom Music Festival

Ricardo Sepulveda

Director, Kent/Blossom Music Festival
Phone: 330-672-0397

Technical Staff

Blaine Vesely

Piano Technician
Phone: 330-672-2898

Jeremy Dobbins

Sound and Recording