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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register via FlashLine?

Log into FlashLine at; choose Student Tools & Courses then Drop or Add a Course. Select the appropriate semester. Enter the course/section CRN (Course Reference Number) for one or both of the courses you will be taking that semester.

Where do I find the course CRN?

That will be made available on the website well in advance of the registration period in a format such as the following:

MUS 63274 Foundations of Music Education

Fall 1 2015
Course Section CRN Instructor
010 21868  
011 21869  

MUS 63241 Inquiry in Music Teaching and Learning I

Fall 1 2015
Course Section CRN Instructor
010 21870  
011 21871  
012 21873  
013 21874  
014 21875  

Each section will have a maximum number of seats available. To ensure getting your preferred section, it is best to register early. If your first selection is filled, please register for one that still has available seats.

How do I drop a class?

Log onto FlashLine at; choose Student Tools & Courses then Drop or Add a Course. As with registration, you will enter the CRN of the course you wish to drop.

How will I know the deadlines for registering and/or dropping a class?

That information will be provided on the web site. For example:


Fall I 2015
8/31 – 10/18/2015
  • Description Date
    Section Start Date 08/31/15
    Section End Date 10/18/15
    Last Day to Add 09/01/15
    Last Day to Drop 09/05/15
    Last Day to Withdraw 09/30/15
    Course Flexibly Scheduled YES
    Census Date 09/08/15
  • Percentage of Tuition Credit Deadlines
    100% Tuition Credit 9/1/15
    80% Tuition Credit 9/5/15
    65% Tuition Credit 9/8/15
    60% Tuition Credit 9/11/15
    0% Tuition Credit 09-12-15 and beyond 
What if I am unable to register because there is a “hold” on my account?

Please contact Student Services at (or 1-877-849-1297, Option 1) for assistance in determining the reason for the hold and the appropriate University office to get it resolved.

Can spouses register for the same section?

In order to provide the most effective educational experience we ask that spouses register for separate sections.

All the sections are filled, what do I do?

Contact Please contact Student Services at (or 1-877-849-1297, Option 1); they will ask the School of Music to open additional seats or create another section and will notify you when you are able to register.

How do I register for the Capstone course?

Only students with a program GPA of 3.0 and above may register for the Capstone. School of Music faculty will review students’ standing the semester before they are eligible for the Capstone.  Eligible students will be notified and provided with the CRN so they may register for the course.

Is the registration process the same for Summer classes?

Yes. However, in the Summer it is important that, if you are receiving financial aid, you have completed the FAFSA as well as the Summer Aid Request Form available on the Student Financial Aid site.

Remember: At Kent State the financial aid year begins in Summer. So, for example, for aid to be awarded and in place to cover Summer 2016 tuition, a 2016-2017 FAFSA must be have been completed prior to Summer 2016.

I was dropped from the class for nonpayment, can I re-register myself?

Check the Registration Add/Drop Deadlines for your class(es). If the deadline has not passed, you can re-register yourself.