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High School Band Day

Experience what it's like to be a member of Kent State's Marching Golden Flashes on September 8, 2018!

Are you curious about the collegiate marching band game-day experience? This is your chance to find out! You'll have the opportunity spend the day with the Marching Golden Flashes in rehearsal, in the stands and on the field during the game. Open to all high school students (9th-12th grade) and band directors. 

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Registration Deadline: September 1

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Contact the Marching Golden Flashes at bands@kent.edu.

Kent State vs. Howard
High School Band Day Itinerary

Dix Stadium (Kent, OH) September 8, 2018

11:30am-12:00pm: High School Band Check-in (Field House)

12:00pm: Full Band Report to the Field House in “half uniform” (uniform shoes and pants/bibbers) to warm up and tune in sectionals

1:00pm: Combined Band rehearsal of Havana

1:30pm: Move to the Field House to eat (lunch provided) and change into FULL uniform

2:00pm: Uniform Inspection, Sectional Warmup/Tune, Section Photos (Field House)

2:30pm: Concert Arc Warmup/Tune, Stand Tune Rehearsal with the MGF (Field House)

2:50pm: Block Up for March Over

3:05pm: March Over for Pregame

3:13pm: Pregame Field Show Performance (watch the MGF performance from the sidelines)

3:35pm: KICKOFF (Kent State vs. Howard)

5:00pm (app.): Halftime Field Show Performance

6:30-7:00pm (app.): Game Over - Dismissed