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International Summer Programs

Spend a summer intersession in Trinidad and Tobago studying Caribbean Theatre and Musical Arts!

Summer 2018 | May 21-June 8 | 3 credits

"Caribbean Theatre & Musical Arts" is an overview through Caribbean theatre and music, with special focus on the carnival performing arts of Trinidad and Tobago. This course includes cultural field trips to the Ministry of Culture, the Carnival Institute, Queen's Park Savannah, the Trinidad Theatre workshop, traditional mas' camps where carnival costumes are produced, pan yards where steel pan orchestras rehearse, among others. Activities involve participating in special workshops with theatre and music experts, visits to ritual Orisha and Hindu religious observances - all culminating in a rich cultural experience for students across campus. This program is produced in collaboration between Pan-African Studies and the School of Music.

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Contact Information:

D. Amy-Rose Forbes-Erickson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Pan-African Studies

Janine Tiffe,
Assistant Professor, School of Music

Alyssa Mazey, M.Ed. l
Assistant Director of International Programs and Education Abroad