Learn how to reserve your locker and the materials needed to secure your recital date and time.

Note as of Aug. 15, 2019: The lockers are currently being painted. Students will be notified when they are available for use. 

Locker Rental

  • Click here to view the School of Music Storefront page.
  • Select "Locker Rental" on Storefront. 
  • Cost:
    • Fall: $7.50
    • Spring: $7.50
    • Fall and Spring: $15.00

Locker Policies

  • These lockers are the property of Kent State University School of Music and must be reserved prior to use.
  • Locks and contents will be removed from any locker not reserved with the School of Music.
  • After the last day of each semester, staff will remove the contents of all lockers and such contents will only be held by the School of Music for 30 days.
    • After 30 days, all contents will be destroyed or donated.
    • To retrieve your contents, please visit the School of Music office (E101).
  • Please visit the School of Music office if you have any questions regarding your locker reservation.