Kent State at the 2019 OMEA Professional Development Conference

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Cleveland once again soon becomes the gathering place for music educators from across the state of Ohio for the 2019 Ohio Music Education Association Professional Development Conference. This year’s conference runs Jan. 31-Feb. 2 and will involve over 30 Kent State University School of Music faculty, students, and alumni in nearly 20 events. Below is a complete schedule of KSU-affiliated presenters.

Kent State School of Music OMEA Reception
Friday, Feb. 1 | 6:15-7:30 PM | Marriott Salon Ballroom
Free | Light Refreshments | Door Prizes

Kent State alumni can click here to register.
*Registration is encouraged but not required.

Exhibition Hall
Booth 421


Graduate Research Roundtable
1:30 PM | WE Vanda

Examining Motivations of Students Who Switch Instruments: A Multiple Case Study
Darren LeBeau

Choralography, Choreography, and Creativity: Adolescent Viewpoints of Movement in the Choral Classroom
Shannon Nicholson

Religious School Music Teacher’s Identity: Intersections of Music Education and School Communities of Faith
Laura Wiedenfeld

OTES/Teacher Evaluation State Level Update
2:00 PM | CC 10
Rachael Fleischaker, Gary DeVault, Kristin Coen-Mishlan

Assessment in Ensembles: Having the Right Tools 
3:30 PM | CC 6
Wendy Matthews

A Musical Music Tech Curriculum
3:30 PM | Room 23
David Thompson

Community Music Ensembles – Directors’ Panel
5:00 PM | CC 4
Linda Hartley, Patricia Grutzmacher, Heather Russell


Becoming the Best Music Teacher: How to Make the Most of Your Undergraduate Experience
8:00 AM |  Hilton CD
Craig Resta, Montana Hollis

Connecting Research and Practice: Teaching Exceptional Learners in Instrumental Ensembles
9:30 AM | CC 6
Patricia Grutzmacher, Kristin Koterba

From Production to Performance: Solutions to Challenges in Mounting Your School’s Musical
11:00 AM | CC 14
Jay White, Christopher J Venesile, Herbert Marshall, Jennifer Korecki

Graduate Research Poster Session
12:00 PM | CC Concourse Hallway

Ancient Voices through Contemporary Music: An Examination of W. Francis McBeth’s Kaddish for Concert Band
Eric Bable

The Origins of Carl Orff’s Schulwerk: An Historical and Cultural Investigation
Beth Ann Hepburn

Detection, Teaching Techniques, Self-Efficacy, and the Adolescent Male Changing Voice: Topical Literature Review
William D. Klein, Jr.

The Dalcroze Method: A Curriculum Technique
Sarah L. Mattern

Teaching Tradition through Performance: A Look at Gasan Ogwangdae
Nicole Muffit

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in the Choral Classroom
Shannon Nicholson

A Change in Nomenclature Only: Specialization in Music Education
David Thompson

Tropicalism and the Struggle for Legitimacy: A History of the Steel Band Movement in American Universities
Janine Tiffe

Religious School Music Teacher’s Identity: Intersections of Music Education and School Communities of Faith
Laura Wiedenfeld​​​​​​​

Connecting Research and Practice: Teaching Exceptional Learners in Choral Ensembles
12:30 PM | CC 4
Christopher J. Venesile, Emilio Jarufe​​​​​​​

Firestone Community Learning Center Symphonic Choir
12:30 PM | CC Atrium Ballroom
Chad Pittman, conductor
Kishna Davis Fowler, guest artist

Flipped Classrooms: Leveraging Technology in the Large Ensemble 
2:00 PM | CC 19
Wendy Matthews, Jay Dorfman

RESA and OTES? I Thought I Was Finished with EdTPA!
2:00 PM | CC 13
Kristin Coen-Mishlan, Melissa d'Aliberti

No Business Like Show Business: Choosing the Right Musical for Your Students and School
2:00 PM | CC 14
Jay White, Jennifer Korecki​​​​​​​

Connecting Research and Practice in General Music
3:30 PM | CC 4
Rachael Fleischaker, Lisa Koops

The Kent State University Clarinet Choir
5:15 PM | CC Atrium Ballroom
Amitai Vardi, conductor
Jay Dorfman, guest artist


Another Path to Retirement: The Value of Earning a Doctoral Degree as a Mid-Career Music Teacher
9:30 AM | CC 4
​​​​​​​Craig Resta, Chris Venesile, Deborah Devore, Kate Ferguson, Joni Stoll​​​​​​​

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