Student Spotlight: Viviana Pinzon - Featured Cellist in Kent State University’s ‘Measure of Success’ Video

Colombia-native and cellist Viviana Pinzon arrived in the United States in the fall of 2017 to pursue her Master of Music degree in cello performance at Kent State University. She was recently featured both on-screen and performing the soundtrack of Kent State TV’s latest commercial “Measure of Success.” You can watch the commercial below. 

Viviana began playing the cello when she was 13 and later pursued her bachelors degree in cello performance in Colombia’s capital, Bogotá. She studied with Venezualan cellist and international soloist Cecilia Palma. 

“During my last year in college, I got into the Bogotá Philharmonic Youth Chamber Orchestra as principal cellist and I played there until 2017,” said Viviana. “Having that opportunity was determinant in my career because I gained a lot of experience, and I was lucky enough to play with great colleagues and friends.”

Her desire to further her musical training brought her to Kent State University to study with renowned Miami String Quartet cellist Keith Robinson. Viviana has enjoyed her studies with Robinson, describing her time in his studio as “ of my greatest life experiences.”

While the Master of Music is a two-year degree program, Viviana has extended her studies to a third year to continue working with Robinson along with his string faculty colleagues; violinist Cathy Meng Robinson and Jung-Min Amy Lee, and violist Joanna Patterson Zakany. She performs with fellow graduate students in a string quartet and is also the principal cellist of the Kent State University Orchestra directed by Dr. Jungho Kim. For the past two summers, she has been a Young Artist with Kent Blossom Music Festival – Kent State's partnership with The Cleveland Orchestra.

When she graduates in the Spring 2020 semester, Viviana hopes to return home to Colombia to teach the next generation of musicians and play chamber music. She has many projects in development and is excited to share them when she can.

For many international students, the decision to study in a different country can be a difficult one, but Viviana has found it to be a highly rewarding saying, “Go for it! You´ll find great support from the community and the professors, and you´ll learn a lot about yourself. You´ll get to know you a lot better, as a professional and human being.”

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Written by Andrew Paa

POSTED: Thursday, October 3, 2019 - 2:22pm
UPDATED: Friday, October 4, 2019 - 1:53pm