Ph.D. Music Education

The purpose of doctoral study in music education at Kent State is to integrate teaching, theory, and research in inquiry about music teaching and learning. Through a unique collaboration with the College of Education, Health, and Human Services, emerging scholars will engage in coursework and research in areas connecting musical and educational pedagogies. Students pursuing the PhD in music education will be those interested in preparing music teacher educators at institutions of higher learning, engagement in arts education activities, and the exploration of emerging practices in curriculum, artistic instruction, and educational thought.

Admission Requirements

  • Application to Graduate School and School of Music (With at least one prior degree in MUED)
  • Current and Valid State Teaching License earned from an accredited US (or equivalent) program
  • Three Letters of Professional and Pedagogical Reference (Past work and future potential)
  • Scholarly Writing Sample of Related Discipline (Thesis or chapter, article, research work)
  • Statement of Philosophy for Pursuit of the PhD Degree (Reasons for pursuing this degree)
  • Video / DVD Sample of School Music Teaching (Demonstrating successful music teaching)
  • Minimum Three Years of Successful School Music Teaching Experience (In classroom settings)
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae of Professional Musical and Teaching Work (Highlighting pedagogy)
  • Official Transcripts (UG and GR, 9hrs and above) – Minimum 3.0 GPA at all institutions
  • Committee Interview with Music Education Faculty (Voice, video, or personal campus visit)

General Requirements

  • Completed Coursework (45hrs) and Doctoral Dissertation (30hrs) – Minimum requirements
  • Diagnostic Exams (Music Theory and Related Areas) for School of Music graduate students
  • Residency Requirement of 9hrs annually (minimum) until Qualifying Examinations are taken
  • Preliminary Examinations (On Completion of 21hrs – 2/3/4 Members of Advisory Committee)
  • Research Tool satisfied through 3 required research courses in music and education
  • Qualifying Examinations (Upon Completion of Doctoral Coursework – Advisory Committee)
  • Juried Dissertation in Music Education (Including Proposal Defense – Dissertation Committee)
  • Ongoing Dissertation I and II registration required until completion of the dissertation/degree
  • Application materials accepted ongoing; August 1st cut for Fall, and December 1st for Spring

Unique Program Features

  • Work in the School of Music, Music Education Division, and College of Education
  • Collaboration with multiple departments and resources within the College of Education
  • Opportunity to work with scholars, teachers and advisors in Music Education, C&I, EHHS
  • Access to the recently expanded and renovated Performing Arts Library in Music & Speech
  • Involvement with vast research, academic, and technology resources at Kent State University