Room & Recital Hall Scheduling

Welcome to the Room and Recital Hall Scheduling Center for the Glauser School!

Rooms and Ludwig Recital Hall can ONLY be reserved by faculty, students and staff of the School of Music. All other requests must be approved by the Director of the School of Music. Please submit these outside requests by emailing Tammy McKenna, Administrative Assistant, at

Recital Hall Scheduling
Green Room Scheduling

Schedule use of the Green Room

Please note that if you have a recital/performance scheduled in the Recital Hall, DO NOT use this form as it is already included in your Recital Hall booking. 

The Green Room can only be reserved by faculty, staff and students of the Glauser School. All other requests must be approved by the Director, School of Music.

Green Room Reservation Form

Current Green Room schedule



Classroom Booking

Book Use of Classrooms in the Glauser School

Fall 2020 Bookings Only

Terms and Conditions

  • Rooms can only be booked from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. Requests for all other days/times will be denied. 
  • Make your bookings 48 hours in advance to allow time for the Music Office to process the request. 
  • Follow the Flashes Safe Seven Principles.
  • Follow all posted guidelines for cleaning, sanitation and room capacity.
  • Do not enter classrooms if you have not been approved for use. 
  • Keys for classrooms can be checked out in the office between 8-5 p.m. on weekdays. 
    • Lunch: Please note that the office does close intermittently during break and lunch hours.
    • Call ahead: 330-672-2172 to ensure someone will be there to assist during your anticipated arrival time.
  • Keys must be returned immediately after use. 
    • Unreturned keys will result in the loss of room privileges. 
    • For your convenience, there is a key drop box outside the office, to the right of the doors, located under mailbox #96.
  • Anyone found in violation of the policies will lose access to the classrooms. 

To Book

  • View the current schedule below to find available times. 
  • Fill out our new request form.
  • Do not try to log in and book through the scheduling system. It will be denied automatically.
  • 30-minute buffers to allow for air exchange and cleaning are built into the schedule and will be added to your booking. You do not need to add them when you are selecting times.




Practice Rooms

Online Practice Room Scheduler

As a reminder, use of practice rooms is reserved for Kent Campus students enrolled in applied lessons, music majors and music minors at Kent State. We encourage those students with instruments that can be easily transported and practiced in their place of residence to minimize their use of the practice rooms. 

Terms and Conditions Mandatory Cleaning Procedure

By booking time in the practice rooms you are agreeing to all
Terms and Conditions of use, including:

  • Only one person is allowed in a practice room at a time.
  • Only the student signed up for a practice room may enter that room.
  • Students are only allowed to use the room they have reserved. 
  • Everyone must strictly follow the posted cleaning and safety protocols.
  • Only water is allowed in the practice rooms. No other food and drink are permitted.
  • Only music can be placed on pianos. No cases, bags, textbooks or other materials.
  • Make sure the door is locked at the end of every in-room session.
  • Keys are not to be shared or given to other students. 
  • Anyone found in violation of these policies will lose practice room privileges.


  • Each student must use hand sanitizer prior to ENTERING and EXITING the room.
  • All touchpoints must be cleaned UPONG ENTERING and BEFORE EXITING. This includes:
    • Piano keyboard                                  
    • Light switch
    • Music desk                                           
    •  Doorknob
    • Bench & adjusting knobs     
    • Table(s)
    • Music stands                                       
    • Coat hook on door
    • Chairs             
    • Spray bottle
  • Spray the supplied microfiber cloths enough to make them slightly damp,
    but not wet—generally, 1 to 3 pulls of the handle depending on the time of day. 

Building Hours

Daily (Sunday-Saturday): 7 a.m.-11 p.m.*

*Hours will vary on holidays and breaks.

Report An Issue

For Non-Emergencies

Fill Out Brief Form

For Emergencies or Lock-outs: 

  • Weekday Office Hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.: Music Office, 330-672-2172*
  • Weekday Non-office Hours: 7-8 a.m. and 5-11 p.m.—Campus Security, 330-672-2212.
  • Weekends: 7 a.m.-11 p.m.—Campus Security, 330-672-2212 

*If no one is available in the Music Office during listed hours, please call Campus Security (330-672-2212).

Work with the students assigned to the same room to develop a schedule that works well for the group. 

Log-in to our online booking system to view and book time in your assigned practice room.