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Recital Publicity and Fee Procedure:

Reserve dates using the online Ludwig Recital Hall scheduler. The Recital Hall calendar is available on the School of Music website and is open for scheduling student recitals beginning July 1 for graduate recitals. Undergraduate recitals may be scheduled beginning the first day of the fall semester of classes.

Log in to the School of Music storefront page to pay recital costs at least three weeks prior to the performance date to secure the Recital Hall reservation.

Submit electronic recital publicity packet and draft of recital program to the office no later than three weeks prior to the performance date. Staff will provide the electronic publicity packet approval form to the applied faculty instructor when the first draft of program is ready.

Complete pre-recital hearing (if required) as scheduled with your applied instructor.

Applied music instructor approves the final program. Upon approval, programs are printed and given to applied music instructor.