Success Resource Center

We're committed to helping our students, faculty and staff through this uniquely challenging time. 

Below are resources we've assembled to help you achieve success and make it to graduation.


Will the current situation affect my timeline to graduation?
Can I access the Center for the Performing Arts for any reason?
I'm currently student teaching. Will I still be able to fulfill this requirement?
What are ensemble members expected to do since we cannot rehearse?
What is happening to my recital?
Who can help with registration questions for summer and fall?
What should I do about returning or renting an instrument?
How can I make a good recording for class or auditions at home using a smartphone?
What should I do with items checked out from the Performing Arts Library?
KSU Learning, Teaching and Working Guides

Below is a link to resources meant to help freelancers. It includes a wide variety of relief options and opportunities for all arts disciplines. 

Click here the webpage

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