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National Art Education Association Student Chapter

The National Art Education Association’s main goal is to broaden the art education community. This is accomplished through weekly meetings and bimonthly volunteer opportunities. We provide opportunities for students to get experience in the field. We also function as a support system in the art education community from the first year through student teaching.


Every Wednesday at 8:30 pm

Membership Requirements

The seat holding chapter member responsibilities are president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and chapter developer. The president’s responsibilities include delegating tasks, running meetings, and organizing events. Vice president supports the acting president, and if necessary, takes on the leadership role. Secretary keeps a record of important meeting discussions, dates and times of upcoming events, and informs the populous of pertinent information. Treasurer tracks funds for events and accepts money for our many fundraisers. Chapter developer is a committed individual who assists with publicity. This includes but is not limited to: making flyers, taking pictures at events, and constructing the bulletin board. These are the main responsibilities of each member, but other duties may be assigned as needed. We are committed art education majors who are willing to help in any way necessary

Social Media

Facebook: Kesnt State National Art Education Association Student Chapter
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National Art Education Association


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