Additional Information About Proctorio

Proctorio allows students with a webcam and a broadband internet connection to complete their exams while on camera; the service does not use live proctors but instead uses an automated algorithm to report on any exam session irregularities. The service is free to students and there is no charge back to the faculty member, department, college, or campus – the fee for the exam is handled by the Office of Continuing and Distance Education at the Kent Campus.

  • The Proctorio service is available for only online courses, those coded in Banner as V1, V2, or V3 (100% online, 100% online with set meeting times, and at least 50% online, respectively); courses that are coded any other way in Banner are not eligible for the service. The $12 per credit hour fee that students pay for the V1, V2, or V3 supports the use of Proctorio and other technologies and services in support of online courses.
  • Faculty members may use the service for as many exams or quizzes as they wish.
  • Exams will need to be located within a learning management system such as Blackboard Learn or something similar. Paper-based exams are not supported. Exams that use the Blackboard Learn Lockdown Browser are also not supported since the Lockdown browser interferes with the software used by Proctorio to monitor the student.
  • Students have their identity validated for each exam and any suspect behavior is reported back to the faculty member.
  • Faculty will create the exam within Blackboard which will automatically configure the exam to use Proctorio; for assessments hosted outside Blackboard, the exam will need to be configured there as well. More information is available via this demo and the quick start guides for faculty and students.
  • Students will simply access Blackboard within the availability window to take the exam; no scheduling is required.
  • Faculty with questions about the Proctorio service are welcome to open a support ticket at any time but technical support should be directed to
  • Faculty who have students who have self-identified to the faculty member that they have testing accommodations should have the exam configured with the extended time as needed; there is no additional configuration required of Proctorio.