How Do I Teach a Remote Course?

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All things on this website are specific to the remote environment during COVID. ​​​​​Kent State University provides access to tools and resources to help conduct classroom experiences at a distance, such as real-time lectures and classroom discussions, recorded presentations, shared materials and class assignments.

As you get started, the first choice is to choose between synchronous and asynchronous in how you want to structure your remote class. Watch the video below to help you decide what is best for your course and use the remaining resources on this page as needed. 

  • Deciding the Best Approach for your Class Video: Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Experiences (X:XX min)
  • Find the Best Approach for Class Delivery

Conduct a Real-Time, Synchronous Lecture or Discussion

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra helps to connect with your class in real time. The following materials demonstrate how to add Collaborate Ultra to your existing Blackboard course, facilitate a Collaborate Ultra session, present materials from your screen and talk live (online) with your students.

Additional Resources: Collaborate Ultra/Synchronous

Collaborate Ultra Additional Resources

Engage Students in Breakout Groups (discussion or group work)

Engage Students in Question/Answers

  • Viewing and Interacting with Attendees in Collaborate Ultra (PDF)

Recording & Accessing Your Ultra Session

  • Restrict Access to Collaborate Ultra Recorded Sessions (PDF)
  • Starting & Stopping Ultra Recordings (PDF)
  • Accessing Ultra Recordings (PDF)

Sharing a Board or Visual with Students

  • Link Coming Soon 

Using a PowerPoint or Other Presentation Software

  • Coming Soon
Additional Resources: Asynchronous
Additional Resources: Create Assignments

Holding Virtual Office Hours

Intro Paragraph Needed

  • Virtual Office Hours using Collaborate Ultra (PDF)
  • Strategies for Holding Office Hours - Coming Soon