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In her Listening Tour, President Warren is hearing the uplifting stories of Kent State University, and she understands that we can make Kent State stronger by emphasizing that as an institution we value each campus for its unique contribution to our mission and vision. 

The idea for creating the 1 University Commission (1UC) was born from a very practical need to address issues that have emerged over the last decade, such as improving the student experience on our campuses, addressing needs of the expanding online learning environment, assigning faculty resources across our eight-campus system, and understanding the administrative needs necessary to strengthen our multi-campus system.

The university, in partnership with the Civic Commons, a non-partisan, nonprofit that uses Internet technology to foster civil discourse in a civil manner, will host four online discussions at to collect your opinions on these issues. Every few days, new questions in each of the four conversations will appear for added discourse. The areas include:

  •  Structure and Leadership: The Structure and Leadership committee has been charged with developing recommendations on the administration of each regional campus and the administration needed centrally for coordination among all our campuses.
  • Academics and Curriculum: The Academics and Curriculum committee has two areas of concern. The first area has to do with multiple issues related to course scheduling to include coordinated policies, system-wide scheduling, and revenue sharing models. The second area has to do with issues related to distance learning to include coordinated policies for offering DL courses, distributing revenue, and ensuring instructional consistency.
  • Faculty Roles and Responsibilities: The Faculty Roles and Responsibilities committee is charged with considering policies that cover instructional issues across the entire Kent State system, including faculty mobility, locus of authority, and consistent hiring practices.
  • Student Experiences: The Student Experiences committee is exploring how to enhance opportunities for students across all campuses including leadership development, intercampus student interactions, and admissions policies.

 The commission invites your feedback on specific questions through this online forum at or through in-person conversations across the university at special listening posts. A schedule of listening post sessions is available online

The Civic Commons 1UC landing page will remain active through Dec. 19. Feedback from both the online community and the listening posts will be combined in early 2015 and shared with President Warren. 

Share your opinion and share it often. Visit

We are one university, we are greater than the sum of our parts, and we are a force to be reckoned with in Ohio and the world.

All the best,

Todd A. Diacon, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost>