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You are responsible for arranging and paying for your housing for the entire length of your stay.  You must pay for your rent each month that you are living in your apartment as stated in your lease agreement.  Plan to have enough money to pay for three months rent at the time you sign your lease agreement.  

Listed below are different apartment options in the surrounding areas.  Price ranges and their contact numbers are listed.  It is your responsibility to contact the different locations directly for additional information and to sign a lease agreement.  

Keep in mind that availability and apartment prices in all areas may change. Apartment prices also vary due to type, location, and size.

Additionally, below the apartment listings you will find realtors listed and a "rent-to-own" option.  

Rent-to-own means you can rent a home and your rent money will help you buy it.    




The Residence At Barrington Apartments, starting at $1190 a month. Address: 226 Barrington Place, Aurora, OH 44202 Phone: 330-470-0877

Hawthorn Club, starting at $935 a month. Address: 485 Sycamore Lane, Aurora, OH 44202 Phone: 330-470-0873

Lakes of Aurora $1,251-1,645 a month. Address: 630 Countrywood Trl, Aurora, OH 44202. Phone: 844-441-4783



Surrey Park $685–$950 a month. Address: 35 Bard Drive, Hudson, OH 44236 Phone: 330-470-0865

Trails of Hudson by Redwood $1,599 – 2,199 a month. Address: 1101 Redwood Blvd, Hudson, OH 44236 Phone: 844-280-5489

The Academy Townhouses $995 a month. Address: 65-129 Bard Dr, Hudson, OH 44236 Phone: 877-920-9750



ApartmentList.com which has multiple listings of apartments in Kent. 

Kent State Relocation Resources

Office of Global Education Housing Resources



The Village at NEOMED $795 a month. Address: 4269 State Route 44, Rootstown, OH 44272. Phone: 844-294-0019



Heron Springs Apartments $890–$1355 a month. Address: 911 Heron Springs Parkway, Stow, OH 44224. Phone: 330-931-4895

Hidden Lake $981–$1433 a month. Address: 1941 Hidden Lake Drive, Stow, OH 44224. Phone: 330-931-3580

Mannington Place Townhomes $1029–$1264 a month. Address: 4320 Mannington Boulevard, Stow, OH 44224 Phone: 330-267-4611

Wyndham Ridge Apartments $819–$899 a month. Address: 4020 Wyndham Ridge Drive, Stow, OH 44224. Phone: 330-267-0961

Bridgewater Park Apartments $850–$1150 a month. Address: 4172 Bridgewater Parkway, Stow, OH 44224. Phone: 330-931-4917

Ravenswood Townhouses and Apartments $700–$1050 a month. Address: 3674 Kent Road Route 59, Stow, OH 44224. Phone: 330-267-0965

Brighton Place $649–$1293 a month. Address: 4175 Darrow Road, Stow, OH 44224 Phone: 330-594-2077



Lake Park Village $775 - $95 a month.  Address: 1738 State Rd. 303, Streetsboro, OH 44241 Phone: 866-777-4347 

Village of Western Reserve $1141 and above a month.  Address: 815 Frost Rd., Streetsboro, OH 44241 Phone: 330-915-4192

Settler's Landing Apartments $840 - $1695 a month.  Address: 725 Bridgeport Avenue, Streetsboro, OH 44241 Phone: 330-752-6749



RentToOwnLabs.com connects you with short & long-term rentals that you can eventually choose to own.  



You can also use the following links to find housing listings, other apartment listings, and all other available rental listings that may better meet your needs.


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