Research Projects

Research Projects

Data Lake Ecosystem Imaging Microsoft Academic Graph (Dr. Javed Khan)

Multi-Robot Collaboration in Real Time (Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim)

GeoVisuals: Capturing, managing and utilizing geo-spatial multimedia data (Dr. Ye Zhao)

Efficient and Effective Management Over Spatial-Social Networks (Dr. Xiang Lian)

Open Quantum System Modeling of Heavy Quarkonium in the Quark-Gluon Plasma (Dr. Michael Strickland)

Biodiversity Surveillance: Automating Insect Sampling with Camera Traps (Dr. Robert Clements)

Automating Microscopic Data Analysis (Dr. Robert Clements)

GLARE: Geo Located Augmented Reality Editor (Dr. Robert Clements)

Computational Fluid Dynamics in Geological Porous Media to determine the Fickian Dispersion (Dr. Kuldeep Singh)

Developing Integrative Approaches to Study Evolutionary Process Underlying Organismal Adaptation to a New Environment (Dr. Sangeet Lamichhaney)