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Lorie Hopp

Lorie Hopp

Lorie Hopp

Lorie A. Hopp is the academic advisor for the School of Communication Studies in the College of Communication and Information. Lorie is also a part-time instructor in the School of Communication Studies.

Lorie has taught the following courses at Kent State: Foundations of Communication, Communication and Gender, High Impact Speaking, Theory and Practice of Oral Discourse, Business and Professional Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Fundamentals of Speech, Communication for the Classroom Teacher, Intro to Human Communication, and University Orientation. She's also taught these courses at The University of Akron: Introduction to Public Speaking, Effective Oral Communication, and Gender and Communication.

As an advisor, Lorie performs graduation audits and meets with undergraduate students  to advise them about coursework in the School of Communication Studies. 

Job Title

Academic Advisor