TESTIMONIALS | National Student Exchange | Kent State University


“This experience will allow me to discover many new things about myself, as well as about my life outside of ‘home’.  I hope to learn a great deal at the University of Connecticut, not only educationally, but also about life in general.  I cannot wait to get there to see a whole new world open up to me.  I believe this opportunity will help me grow as an individual.  I am filled with anticipation and excitement!”

Tara Lowdermilk, Junior, Kent Campus
Host Campus:  University of Connecticut, CT 

“There is no doubt that I am going to miss being at Kent, but I like trying new things.  And, I have no doubt that my trip to the University of Minnesota will be a fun and fulfilling experience. I am looking forward to the challenges new classes will present, the fun of making new friends and the ability to join new student groups at the University of Minnesota.  I am nervous and excited, but those are both signs that I am going to have a good time!”

Sharlene Fish, Junior, Honors College, Kent Campus
Host Campus:  University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, MN