Designing the KSU nursing student uniform, cap and pin

Designing the KSU nursing student uniform, cap and pin

August 1967 - Dr. Henderson recruited me from the St.Luke's SON to join the first class of KSU-SON. In 1968, we created the uniform and cap, then rode the KSU bus to Cleveland for busy clinical days. Imagine trying to participate in post-conferences while riding the bus home with the Instructor swaying in front with a microphone in her hand - that experiment didn't last long! We had classes all over campus - from Stumph Theater to Lowry Hall finally. We were very close to our classmates and teachers as we learned together. Joan Dashield, Dorothy Ray, Pat Estok and Dr. Henderson were my favorites.

My design for our SON pin won the contest and now is worn by thousands - a humbling reality for me. 

I was able to experience the SON from the "inside" as a Clinical Instructor in the "Old Health Center" from 1972-1982. What wonderful students I worked with in the hospitals! My career started in Coronary Care to Childbirth Education, then Nursing Education and now Parish Nursing. 

I thank KSU for making me the nurse I am today. Congratulations on your incredible growth and success as a College of Nursing! I'm so proud to be a KSU graduate of the first class.

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Susan Biasella-Hohs