From English degree to BSN in 15 months!

My journey to becoming a Registered Nurse started at Kent State University in 2009. I had previously graduated with a degree in English and a minor in criminal justice. I wanted to become an Attorney, but that quickly changed when I was hired by The Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The nurses that I worked with provided such great compassionate care to veterans and from that I knew that I wanted to become a nurse. 

I attended an information session where Jay Hayes, one of the advisors, provided the information needed to apply to the accelerated BSN program. I had not taken any pre-requisites needed for the program so with several attempts at enrolling at various institutions, I completed my courses needed to apply. I returned to Kent to inquire about taking other courses that would be offered during the program and even though I wasn't completely sure that I would be accepted, I enrolled in some of those courses. 

Upon submitting everything that was needed to apply, being accepted did not come easy. The day the acceptance or denial emails were to come, I did not receive one in my inbox. I was crushed because I thought I was not accepted. There was no one I could immediately contact due to the time of the day. I finally contacted the office to let them know that I didn't receive anything. I decided to check my spam inbox and there is where I found my acceptance letter. I was completely excited to finally know that I was on the right path to following my dreams of becoming a nurse. 

Once in the program, I interviewed for the Robert Wood Johnson Scholarship and was awarded $10K to help with expenses needed to complete the program. This was vital to my success in the program because I could not work while completing the 15 months. The 15 months was the toughest time of my life. The instructors pushed us, they made us work hard, and they supported us. My cohort of 30 students, one semester after another, became a big family and we worked towards the common goal of graduating with our nursing degree. 

Overall it was a unique experience, it helped provide the building blocks that were needed to become a great nurse. Without Kent’s College of Nursing I would not have been able to achieve this dream. Kent also taught me to continue to be a life time learner. I am currently working on my Masters and from there I plan to pursue an additional degree and one day open my own practice. 

Thank you Kent State School of Nursing! #KentNursing50Strong

POSTED: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 9:10am
UPDATED: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 9:10am
Falisha Lee, BSN '11