Kent State afforded me the opportunity to grow in my field

I graduated from St. Elizabeth Hospital School of Nursing in Youngstown, OH, in 1971. Our instructors told us we would need a BSN in the future. I already had 2 years of college so I transferred those to Kent State. Kent would not accept my anatomy class transcript, so after the first day of finding out we had to dissect a cat, I went to the head of the department. She asked me what else I had dissected and I told her. She said “a rose is a rose and anatomy is anatomy” and accepted the transfer credit.

Even though I was already an RN and had passed state boards, I still had to take 21 hours of nursing. I took 1 course at a time as I was working full-time at Robinson Memorial Hospital (now UH Portage Medical Center) in Ravenna, OH. I stopped for a while to let my husband finish his degree and had 2 children. Finally, I went back to finish. We had to challenge out of nursing courses by taking the midterm and final in addition to the required 21 hours of nursing. I graduated December 1980, almost 10 years after graduating from St. Elizabeth.

I have worked for 36 1/2 years at Robinson Memorial Hospital, 3 years at St. Peters in Albany, NY, and 6 years at William Beaumont Hospital in Troy, MI. I have worked in ICU, CCU, ER and as a Nursing Supervisor, all which required a BSN. Kent State afforded me the opportunity to grow in my field.

POSTED: Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - 4:50pm
UPDATED: Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 4:20pm
Janet Laskos